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p]xe/ loom web design create affordable, high-end websites for startups & small businesses. This skilled web designer has his base in the hills above Craigellachie in North East Scotland, just 2 miles from Aberlour, 10 miles from Elgin and a wee short drive from Inverness and the Highlands.

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“Every journey starts with a single step”

p]xe/ loom design has been delivering skilled, lovingly conceived websites for fifteen years; and whilst not as old or as wizened as some of the Scots Pines you ’ll find in Speyside and Abernethy, we ’re not short of experience. This is a journey into a world of possibilities. Our experience is an assurance that you’ll reach your destination smoothly and successfully.

Okay, so why me?

It’s a fair question. There are other web designers out there. Some have bigger offices. Some have flashier cars. Some are better looking. But if it’s skills and committment you’re after (at very affordable prices) then I feel we’re a worthy option.

Core Services

Web Design

If people think your website looks good they’ll think your business looks good. Users make up their minds about the quality of a website in just a 20th of a second, so first impressions count. At the p]xe/ loom we design for the entire user experience. Here’s a small taster of what we can do:

  • Produce eye-catching web graphics with that all important ‘halo effect’. If people believe your website looks good they think your business looks good.
  • Create memorable, good looking logos and colour-schemes.
  • Provide sharp, informative copy, optimised for the search engines but also satisfying human tastes and standards. No chaff, no spam — just sharp, lean prose.
  • Create satisfying user experiences with clear layouts, intuitive navigation and fast page load.
  • Provide easy-to-use admin suites that allow you to update your web content on a schedule that best suits you.
  • Produce web designs that fulfil a clearly defined business objective.
  • You can find us in the Yellow Pages under Web Design & Development in Elgin

Services includes

Domain registration Design HTML Responsive Designs Website Hosting Website Maintenance Web Graphics Logo Design Wordpress Installation & Customization Blogs Website health-checks

Shopping Carts (eCommerce)

In a time of stripped budgets and uncertain futures smaller retailers are naturally cautious when it comes to pouring their hard-earned profits into building online shopping carts. This is despite a significant increase in sales generated by online shoppers.

The good news? You can have an online store ready and available for as little as £200.

Extending your reach in these uncertain times can be vital to your survival. Let’s provide some clarity:

  • 60% of all adults in the United Kingdom purchased goods on the Internet in 2010. This makes the UK one the most Internet-driven economies in the world.
  • It’s a fact: those retailers offering multi-channel services do better, so make your web design adaptable to new, emerging media.
  • The virtual tills keep ringing through the night. This could be vital for those businesses operating in remote and rural areas that have difficulty sustaining foot traffic. Whether you are in major cities like Aberdeen and Inverness, towns like Elgin and Forres or remote rural hamlets like Aberlour and Craigellachie you can still extend your reach.
  • Today, Payment Gateway Services like Paypal and SagePay and WorldPay make selling online affordable. Companies like these provide the nuts and bolts of trading online. They're the Internet equivalent of the ’chip n pin’ payment terminals you use in your shop.
  • A PayPal store offers one of the cheapest solutions. We completed a web store for one customer in Elgin for just £250 — the customer avoiding the monthly fees charged by SagePay and WorldPay entirely.
  • Costs generally have sliding scales and can vary enormously from provider to provider. Let us advise on the best deal for your needs.
Services includes

Shopping Cart Design Product SEO Paypal Carts Shopify Design & Integration Magento Design & Integration Sagepay integration Worldpay integration Product Photography Product Database Product Management System (MSSQL Databases)

Bespoke Web Design

Sometimes a simple 6 page website isn’t enough. It doesn’t really matter whether your scope is broad or narrow, the more creative you want to be or the more unique your objectives are, the more flexibility you’ll need. Producing a 100% bespoke web design is a time-consuming process than is likely to demand more intense and more regular scoping sessions, more briefing periods and significantly more build-time.

If we take into account the consultation period, the build period, the completion period and the deployment period, we are talking anywhere between 3-10 weeks depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Whichever service option you choose, it will still be a high-end, creative product.

Successful web design is the difference between sharing something precious & just showing off your bling.

Premium Template Designs

The are two main ways we can approach this: we can either build you a unique design from scratch, produced to a specific and exacting brief or you can select the tone and style of your website from a premium theme or template. This entry-level solution gives you a simple web-presence ahead of a more ‘targeted’ or specialised web campaign. If time is an issue and demands are urgent, then this is a perfectly credible option. Here are just some of the advantages of a template design:

  • Choosing from an existing web theme (or template) can reduce labour costs significantly.
  • Build-time and deployment time are appreciably faster.
  • There are 1000s of web designs to choose from, many of them industry specific.
  • Professional templates and themes are highly flexible and customisable (fonts and colours can be changed, logos and layouts altered, images replaced etc)
  • Initial expectations are satisfied more precisely: the finished site will look and feel exactly as intended. There is far less scope for misinterpretation.

The Basics

Experience & Success Stories

p]xe/ loom have been in the web design business for 20 years. In 2002 we were consulted on the successful revamp of GBeye.com and handled their subsequent assault on Google, where high-rankings in competitive keyword areas helped strengthen their market dominance. This was followed by an SEO campaign for the Peppers Ghost Productions — a character-based animations company in London, Tiny Planets.

Between 2004 and 2005, our Room4U website generated in excess of £2.4 million in Internet room sales. The website was one of the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Today we are working with smaller companies and individuals in and around the Moray and Elgin region. In 2014 we were asked to produce a mobile-friendly website for award-winning microbrewery, Brampton Brewery, a new website for Speyside company G&M Whyte andMoray Foodbank. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out from your home office in Findhorn, running a small family bed & breakfast in Inverness or a fan of the Great British Bake Off who’d like to earn a few quid online. Big or small we’ll treat the job with passion and enthusiasm.

In collaboration with Art Empire Industries Limited.

Clients include

Moray Foodbank William Watson Funeral Directors AEI Ltd GB Eye Brampton Brewery Room4U G&M Whyte ISMedica Oakwood Bathrooms Ltd Rose & Crown (pub & restaurant) Aberdeen Alarms/Aysec Ltd Macpherson Allan Ltd

Our Pledge

Ethical web design means putting the customer’s own commercial wellbeing on an equal footing with our own. This means not selling you products and services you don’t need and responding promptly to emails, texts and calls. Here are some of the things we can guarantee:

  • Friendly, speedy responses to queries and requests.
  • No over-selling of products or services.
  • A fully transparent quote with all the major build and preparation charges accounted for on one easy-to-read spec sheet.
  • Ensuring a fair and reasonable trade-off between the money you invest in our services and your own business growth.
  • Registering web domains in YOUR name not ours.
  • No hidden or ‘unscripted’ exit fees. You are free to move your website and domain anytime you like.
  • Not passing off third-party software and work as our own. When we use plug-ins or Wordpress and Joomla designs we’ll inform you.
  • Provide full admin control of domains and websites on request.
  • We will not mislead you where SEO and Google marketing is concerned. Achieving high rankings in Google can be slow and challenging.
Designing an unsuccessful website for you amounts to little more than a toxic asset for us.

SEO & Social Media

Google & Facebook For Business

During the first five-minutes of any discussion about the Internet, you can guarantee we’ll be answering questions about either one of these industry giants. Perhaps you just want to see your company website appearing in those crucial Google search results. Maybe you have a guest house in Aberlour or Craigellachie and just need a hand in setting up a Facebook page to get feedback and reviews from guests. Perhaps you are a pub in Elgin and just need someone to explain the wisdom of Twitter  to you. Either way, we can help.

Once your website has been designed and built, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should become your top priorities.

  • We’ll help boost your Google rankings
  • We’ll help you get found by your target users
  • We’ll help you get ‘shares’, ‘likes’, ‘re-tweets’ & ‘recommendations’

We can also help you manage your Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Google  and Facebook  offer a number of promotional tools and calibrating and managing them correctly is crucial. Let’s discuss a few of the options available:

  • Google Adwords  generated in excess of $42.5 billion in 2012. The tool adopts a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising model and enjoys local, national, and international distribution. Advertisers create their own adverts around keywords. The ads appear as ’sponsored links’ above the main organic results and in the right hand column of the page.
  • Google Adwords  are a great way of attracting new customers but getting the best out of it can be a demanding and often baffling experience for non-professionals. If you’re a Day Nursery based in Aberlour or Craigellachie you’re going to need to bid on regional search expressions. Keywords that are too broad and ill-defined can lose you money.
Services includes

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Social Media Development Social Media Marketing Google AdWord Campaign Management Twitter/Facebook Page Design & Customisation Installation of Site Metric Tools (Google Analytics) Integration of Social Media Links and Feeds Ensuring Good Keyword Regularity & Density

Other Services

Pixel Surgery (Health Checks & Site Revamps)

If your website is more than three years old it may be due a health-check.

p]xe/ loom design are now offering a series of local web surgeries to help identify flaws and weaknesses in web design in Elgin, Craigellachie and Aberlour.

The surgeries offer a free and easy way to start improving your site.

Course of Action
If the prognosis isn't terminal it's likely that your website will not need a total overhaul. Sites that look tired or dated might just need some clever fine-tuning.

Our treatments range from comprehensive re-designs & analysing traffic patterns to streamlining your content and gently revamping your colour-schemes.

Fit for purpose
Having all the various elements slip neatly into place is beyond the abilities of most non-professionals.

And if you are not scoring highly in Google your site could be seriously out of shape.

Clear layouts, fast page load and good keyword-to-content ratios provide the necessary building blocks for growth and progress.

Bonus Lives
Sloppy code and errors turn users off. High scores in this game means cleaning up the code and avoiding the common mistakes made by non-professionals.

Irrelevant information, unreadable text and frequent navigation failures need tidying up fast. If you don't clean up the ghosts of bad web design, the ghosts of bad web design will clean you out.

Game Over
You've heard of the 'kill screen', haven't you? You start well, you get past level one but your progress is blocked due to a pesky design oversight or programming error. The game doesn't end it just crashes.

Get in touch to see how the Pixel Surgery can help your Moray business avoid the customer kill screen.

Services includes

Adapt Web Design for Mobile & Tablet Devices User-Experience advice HTML Cleaning-up code Optimising Images Optimising For Search-engines Traffic Diagnostics Adding Shopping Carts Social Media Feeds & Integration Blog Development Website Health-Checks

Responsive Web Designs (For Mobiles & Tablets)

These are complex times. Users are no longer tied to viewing web pages on their desk-top computers using Netscape or Internet Explorer. Today there literally hundreds of different media devices, platforms and browsers, each offering very unique web-browsing experiences. Your users could be viewing your web designs on a Samsung Galaxy 5 with a 5.1-inch screen and a 4K resolution on the train in the morning, a 13" MacBook Retina Display in the afternoon, and a 27" gaming monitor in the evening. And with new versions of browsers like Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome emerging all the time, producing a design that displays exactly as you intended can be daunting task all round. Here’s what we can do:

  • p]xe/ loom can build you a stylish and highly responsive web design that will adapt smoothly across all browsers and media devices, including desk-top computers, laptop computers, mobiles, tablets and smart phones.
  • CSS-based ‘media queries’. This additional web coding will help all website content adapt to various screen resolutions and viewport sizes.
  • Futureproof web designs. Save time and hassle in the future with clean and standards-compliant code and easy to maintain Media Queries, and Style-Sheets. Features can be added progressively, providing varying levels of design based on the capabilities of a user’s system.
  • RWD Retrofitting. You don’t have to fork out for a whole new website. p]xe/ loom can tweak your existing code to provide a broader and more adaptive user-experience. One way to enjoy all the benefits of Responsive Web Design with only a fraction of the expense. Can extend the life your website by up to 3 years.
Features include

Adaptive web graphics Retina-ready web graphics CSS Media Queries Mobile and Tablet designs Cross-Browser & Cross-Platform Compatibility RWD Retrofitting Progressive UX Design

Project Charters

If your project is a little more complex than a template design, it pays to plan. Setting the scope of your design is just one way of avoiding often irrelevant, and unplanned changes and charges. And this is where a Project Charter comes in.

The charter provide a skilled and technical overview of your project; identifying project needs, and estimating timelines. This period would also be used to identify challenges and potential pitfalls and to recommend practical solutions to them.

  • A scoping and discovery period is the only way of providing a precise and accurate quote for the more advanced, bespoke solutions; the more detailed the charter the more specific we can be with a quote.
  • Project Charters are entirely optional.

Once the charter has been completed customers are under no obligation to proceed with web-build. Charters may be recycled when briefing rival designers and more extended project charters can be produced at a reasonable price.

Basic synopsis

Project immersion Scoping & Discovery Identifying Major Stakeholders Project Overview Project Approach Project Goals Sourcing Stock-Photography

Pricing - Covid-19 Update

Pixel Surgery appreciates the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic may have had on your buisness plans and budgets. As a response we are willing to offer reduced rates and payment plans for small to medium-sized businesses. Please call to see how we can help you during this crisis.

Starter Site Plus
best plan for customers redesigning their existing web site £400 request callback
  • Domain registration
  • 5-12 page mobile friendly web design
  • 5 pop email addresses
  • Product/Service gallery
  • Slide-In Case Studies/Portfolios
Starter Site
best plan for sole traders and small companies looking for a quick & simple web presence £280 request callback
  • Domain registration
  • 1-5 page mobile friendly web design
  • 5 pop email addresses
  • Google Analytics (traffic monitoring)
Starter eCommerce
best plan for small retailers & private sellers with a small number of products from £500 request callback
  • 1-5 page mobile friendly web design
    accepts all credit cards, not just Paypal
  • Browser-based admin area for product adds & edits
Bespoke Packages
best plan for small to medium companies and data-driven projects GET IN TOUCH! request quote
  • High quality scoping reports
  • Task-specific web design coded by a professional web developer
  • Wordpress Installation, Customisation & Support
  • Wordpress Hosting
  • Revamps & retro-fits (for mobile & tablet displays)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content marketing/Social media marketing
  • eCommerce integration (Magento/Shopify etc)
  • Google adword campaigns
  • Portfolio/resume design (for freelancers & job seekers)
  • Multi-media websites

Meet your web developer

p]xe/ loom is a one man band. Your web developer has 20 years experience in the business, starting with the pioneering Art Empire Industries in the late 1990s. AEI was one of the few New Media companies to boom not bust.


Doesn’t do anything. She’s a cat.


Web Designer / Developer / SEO

Old Red

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“Web design for small businesses who have big business in mind”

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We have web designs to suit all tastes. From totally unique bespoke solutions to premium web themes and templates we’ll have something that matches your budget.

Web Design

Produce eye-catching web designs with that all important ‘halo effect’

If people believe your website looks good they think your business looks good. Research shows that users make up their minds about the quality of a website in just a 20th of a second, so first impressions count.

Get a quote!

I love sharing ideas and would love to hear from small to medium-sized businesses interested in working on goal-driven, creative projects. If you have a job that needs doing, or an idea worth sharing then get in touch!

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We do big jobs, we do small jobs. If you’d like a quote for a website or have a question then:


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